Taking Some Advice & Getting Structure

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sooo as some of you know, last Monday I went to visit the lovely Mikhila from Miss Budget Beauty, to film some videos for her You Tube Series Khila Talk.
Laura from Laura Loves Beauty was there too and basically the three of us just sat there drinking tea, eating cakes and biscuits and chatting while the camera rolled.
Just think 'Loose Women for You Tube' and that's about right.

Anyways, I digress, while I was there we filmed one particular video about 'organising time' and the points raised during filming were so true.
You CAN make time if you really want to.

To be honest I have been a bit slap happy with the blog, I have no structure I tend to post as and when....For some people this works great and I thought it worked great for me but I realise I need structure, I need to plan....I'm a terrible planner.... hence why I have had to drop out of certain challenges.
But listening to how Khila manages her time as well as run a house, work and raise a family really make me think 'GOD EMMA, just bloody get on a sort it will you?!!!'

And soooo *** I'm doing my brownies honour pose***  from next week I plan to structure my blog and You Tube as follows, so you know what to expect.


Mon: Lifestyle Posts
Wed: Beauty Posts
Fri: Fashion Posts - OOTD, Reviews etc....
There will be the odd adhoc post here and there of course,  I'm merely using this as a starting point.

You Tube:

1x Beauty Video a Month
1x Tag a Month
2x Haul's a Month
4x OOTD a Month - One a week alongside my Friday Blog Posts

Plus a sprinkling of Monthly Empties, Monthly Favourites and Random Favourites and some occasional Lifestyle Chatter and of course Vlogging.
For those of you that haven't seen my You Tube Channel you can subscribe HERE
Please don't shout if I go off kilter for the first few weeks. ;D
I hope this helps me in the future, thanks Khila for giving me the ooompfff to just crack on!!
Does anyone else structure or time manage?  I'd be really keen to hear how you do.
Mrs M xxxx

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  1. Good luck with it! I may set up more of routine myself. I've got a decide set up for recording my videos, Saturday mornings I record all three of my videos & take blog posts. I just need to get sorted on the blog post front, I'm a bit slack. Good luck!


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