Plus North - Part 1 | Friday Night | How many plus sizers can you get in an all you can eat buffet?

Friday, September 13, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Ok so this is probably the like hundredth post you have read on Plus North so far, which can only mean one thing ... it was a RAGING SUCCESS!!!!
Before I even begin to write about it I want to thank Becky & Toni for organising such an amazing event.
It was my first time at Plus North and to see the scale of everything and all that they have achieved is truly amazing , so BIG UP Becky and Toni you ladies are AWESOME!!!

Soooo this is going to be a three parter, as most of the other bloggers write ups seem to be,
there's far too much to cram onto one post.
Enjoying our food - Picture courtesy of Toni (I think)
I can't believe it was a week a go today that myself and Mr M set off for Manchester early in the morning to miss the traffic and peruse the Trafford Centre and also have a cheeky Nando's
(we are addicted to Nando's, who doesn't love a bit of Peri Peri right!!?)
We got to our hotel at around 3pm and quite a few people were staying in the same Travelodge as us and as soon as we got there we greeted in the lift by Becca & her hubby Mike who we had met before, it was so lovely to see them again, they are so lovely and I class them as friends now.

That evening we were all set to go to a meet up dinner organised by the lovely Beth where around 30x plus sized lovelies were to descend on the Red Hot Buffet - yummers!!

We decided to meet Becca & Mike at 8pm for drinks in the hotel bar before going to the meal.
We also met the amazing Danielle, Chloe, Nikki, Mary, Lyndsay and Steph there, it was like one little meeting in itself it was lovely, all total BABES!!!
En route we bumped into Kathryn who gave me the biggest hug as she promised she would god love her.
We then decided to venture over to the Slug and Lettuce for a cheeky one, and that's where we met Naomi, Gemma who were also so lovely.
Myself and the lovely Naomi - Pic courtesy of Danielle
We all arrived at the buffet at around 9pm which was quickly a topic of amusement, as we imagined that the staff were probably recoiling in horror that 30x plus sized people would most likely bankrupt them. hahaha!!
It was there that we got to meet and mingle with everyone and for me it was a chance to say hi to people I hadn't actually met before.
Me enjoying a drink - Not sure who took this pic - let me know and I can credit you.
Even though I'd met a couple of the girls before it always seems very daunting for me to meet new people.
 I'm not actually a very confident person. It may seem I am, but going to meet ups and things is all a bit scary for me, I'm so glad Chris was there, he is my comfort blanket.
But it was at the Buffett we met Kaye & her hubby Andy... and this is where the fun began, we all instantly clicked and the whole weekend was filled with laughter with these guys.

The buffet itself was great value for money, so much choice for only £15 a head.
By the end of the night - Pic courtesy of Toni
It was fab being surrounded by other plus size lovelies.
I think we finally retreated to our bed at 12.30pm to get some much needed beauty sleep.
Feeling happy, stuffed and tired
It was a great night and thanks so much to Beth for organising the evening it was fab.
Come back tomorrow for Part 2 of Plus North - The Day Event.
Mrs M xxxx

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