Autumn is just round the corner....

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Hey Everyone,
Its September?..... How on earth did that happen? Not that I'm complaining,
I'm not a summer person. I love Autumn and Winter .
I'm not built for heat, even though this years heatwave is still holding on by a thread.
With September comes the thought of Christmas, yes people I said the C word.... lets face it how many of us have already thought about Christmas? Its only 3x paydays till Father Christmas pops down the chimney y'know!!
I've already been planning my Christmas Day Table Decoration Theme since June .... I can't help it I just love Christmas.
But anyhoooo for some of you reading this rolling your eyes at the thought of Christmas lets just rewind and stay in September and general Autumn time and let me tell you some of my

Autumn Loves.

To me Autumn means:
The Changing of the Leaves - I love when the tree's start to change colour.

Crisp Dewey Mornings - I love walking to work at this time when you can see the outline of spiderwebs glistening in the morning light. (even though I hate spiders)

Scarves - I can start wearing scarves again yay I've missed them.

Autumn Walks - I love going for walks with Chris in Autumn, my favourite place is Stourhead
Autumnal Fashion - I'm actually looking forward to wearing a coat again and at this time of year I adore purples, browns, and oranges, and I'm also looking forward to wearing tartan this year.

Dark Nail Varnish - Away in the cupboard go the corals, hot pinks and turquoise nail varnishes, Hello reds, plums and forest greens.

Slow Cooking - Time to dust off the slow cooker and start cooking stews and dumplings and chilli

Cosy Evenings - Draw the curtains, PJ bottoms, woolly socks and curling up on the sofa and drinking hot chocolate. Perfect.

 Are you looking forward to Autumn? What are your Autumn Favourites?
Mrs M xxxx

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