The 30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 2 - Let Them Eat Cake

Friday, July 05, 2013

Todays Challenge is
'Educate you on something I know a lot about'
I know a lot about pointless things, and usually have random facts floating around in my head, but one thing I know a lot about and that is making cakes and puddings.
I frequently don my Cath Kidston apron, weather it be making fairy cakes or banana muffins.
But today I want to tell you about my gorgeous Toblerone Cheesecake.
Yes my friends, I am well known in my circle of friends to make the best
Here's one I photographed earlier.....
You can find the recipe for this HERE
For your viewing pleasure here are a few of my cakey creations I have made recently...


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See you all tomorrow for Challenge Number 3

Mrs M xxxx

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  1. Omg I so want to make that cheesecake now :) :) xx

    1. Lol.... Come on over, i'll make you one xx

  2. Mmmhhhh yuuummmy!!! Me want some now! :D x

  3. My husband would now like to be come your husband, the words toblerone cheese cake made him weak at the knees! xx

    1. Hahaha thats made me chuckle.... I'm not sure how Chris would feel about that ;) lol
      Try the receipe, its so easy and deeeeelish xx


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