The 30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 1

Thursday, July 04, 2013

                                                                So today's challenge is:
 Your life in 250 words or less....
I may go over the 250 words but here goes...


I was born in Coventry nearly 32 years ago now. 

My parents owned a fish and chip shop business but when I was eight my brother was born and my parents decided to start a fresh somewhere new. My dad got a job as a newsagent relief manager and we travelled around the country every couple of years to different shops, which meant I moved schools quite a lot, but it was OK because it made me more confident in meeting new friends every time.

We moved back to Coventry when I was 14 and my dad opened his own newsagent business  and I studied hard to get my GCSE’s and then went onto college to study media as I had hopes of becoming a music journalist.
I helped out  in dads shop and  I also worked in Boots to make some extra pocket money but then I got a freelance job with the local paper which lead to me working with the boyband 5ive at their  managements offices which was an amazing opportunity for a 17 year old.

Sadly when I was 18 my dad passed away and so I made the decision to abandon my career and help support my family instead and help pay the bills.

We moved to a sleepy little town called Gillingham in Dorset to live with my grandparents while we found a house of our own to settle down in. I also started working at the local nightclub to make new friends which I did. I also met Chris who worked there too, we became friends and then it turned into something more. 12 years on together we have been happily married for 6 years. Sadly we have no children yet as we have struggled with fertility issues and had failed treatments but this has only made us stronger and I dream of becoming a family one day. 
Until then I am happy living in our little 3 bed house with our gorgeous westie dog Harvey, and instead of the music journalism aspiration, I have filed this void with blogging and I love it.

Hmmm a bit over 250 words, sorry..... but there we have it a little summery of my life so far....

I hope you have enjoyed reading.

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See you all tomorrow for Challenge Number 2

Mrs M xxxx

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  1. I love these sort of posts. What a great job working with 5!
    It takes a strong person to give up their dream to help others and move their life elsewhere, it was obviously the right choice though because you met your husband. You made a beautiful bride!
    Sarah xo

    1. Such a great challenge, plenty more to come from us all too :)
      Thank you honey, def made the right choice in life.
      Aww thanks xxx

  2. lovely post, I love your wedding photo its really lovely x

  3. working with Five would have been a dream for me! Lucky girl. Your wedding photo looks lovely. xx


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