Plus Size Bridesmaid Shopping

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hey Guys,

Guess what? I'm going to be a bridesmaid..... eeeeeeeeeeeek excited muchly.

Next year my gorgeous friend Claire is getting married and myself, her other bestie Sharon and her sister Helen are all bridesmaids and I truly can't wait for the big day.

A few weeks ago we went Bridesmaid Dress perusing.
Claire's colour scheme is a dark purple colour
(think Cadburys Dairy Milk, or the Big Purple one from Quality Street).

Off we went into Salisbury, in all honestly when it comes to shopping, Salisbury isn't fantastic but it has a Debenhams and this is the place she had seen the kind of dresses she would love us to wear.

Being a plus size woman it is so important to get the right style of dress, none of the guests want to see me spilling over the sides or see my enlarged belly bulging through the satin.
Having been a bridesmaid before I know what kind of style I would need and I know damn well that dresses with any boning structure, bodice, lining or meshing I would need to go up several sizes so it fits and hangs properly.

I tried on a few designs the store had in the colour scheme in my size.
 (excuse the boots, but its was pre-heatwave)

After much perusing it was decided that I would feel more comfortable in a shorter style dress.
The long dress just seemed to drown me and make me look shorter.
And so we felt the shorter style balanced by curves out better.
Claire has been so laid back and so easy in helping decide on the dresses for her wedding and her priority was that we are happy and comfortable, not a hint of bridezilla in sight god love her.
We all loved the design of the longer dress and noticed they did it in a shorter version.
And so armed with sizes the dresses were ordered online and wahooo they are currently in the sale at the moment for £35.00 absolute bargain.
To see what the dress looks like on the Debenhams model click HERE
And to see what the dress looks like on me..... Ta daaaaaa
Dress: Debut at Debenhams - HERE
Bolero: Debut at Debenhams - HERE
Flower Clip: Debenhams - HERE
All items currently in the sale.
Sorry for the poor quality, poor lighting and poor general sweaty like appearance of me.
I have no make up on and feeling puffy cause of the heat. Basically a muggy mess, but I was so excited to try on the whole outfit when Claire brought it round yesterday complete with sparkly bolero and flower clip.
What do we think? I love it. Its much more flattering and I love the ruched bit at the front to hide a multitude of sins.
Perfect choice. I so can't wait to be your Bridesmaid now Claire
Next thing to buy..... SHOES.....
Mrs M xxxx

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  1. Oooh this is a lovely post :) We are having one bridesmaid in cadbury purple too. My bridesmaid has to have straps on her dress though because they suit her better. We took her to Debenhams and got her to try on quite a few dresses but at the time we didn't like any of them (last year). We were going to try a bridal boutique soon but they are sooo expensive! :) xx

  2. Agreed the shorter one is much more flattering, and I love the colour! :)

  3. You look lovely! So glad everyone is happy with it. Thank you for being our bridesmaid! We're all gonna have such a fun day :-) x


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