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Monday, July 08, 2013

Hey Everyone,

So on Saturday I was invited to the AW13 collection launch of DEA London, a professional business wear plus size designer.

Although I have been invited to events prior to this, getting time off work in the week can be tricky for me so I was thrilled this event was on a Saturday. Which meant a day trip to London for me and Mr M.

We were invited to the rooftop of their studios in Dalston, and as you all know we are experiencing a heatwave at the moment, and phoooooo weeeee it was hot up there and its a shame that there were no parasols to shade us, or a hot tub :)

First and foremost it was so lovely to meet up with some of the other plus size bloggers, everyone is all so lovely and friendly and we all got on like a house on fire.

Becky, Carmen, Becca, Kim and Me

The designer Jelena talked to us about her collection and how she doesn't believe in sizes and if you send her measurements she can design a bespoke item with your exact measurements.


Then DEA's gorgeous model Sabine who sadly broke her foot the week before hobbled around on crutches bless her and told us about her love of the brand.

DEA's Model Sabine

We were then invited to look at the rails of clothes and feel fabrics and discuss with her about her designs and interact with the models.

The AW13 Collection

Giving Jelena our ideas

After an interval we were treated to a fashion show and a zumba and belly dancing display.

Jelena and the lovely models

All in all it was a lovely experience to meet up with some great people and view some of DEA's great collection. 
A few pieces caught my eye but sadly they are really out of my price range and are aimed at more the established business woman and not lil old me that works in a comfy casual sales office. 
I can see the appeal of the collection totally and if I had more a disposable income then I could treat myself to a few items for sure. 
You can view the lovely Jelena's designs on the DEA London website HERE.

All in all a great day meeting up with everyone, its just a shame it was just a bit too hot up on the roof.


Mrs M xxx

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  1. Oh looks like a bunch of fun! Thanks for sharing your experience! :) Even though I'm not a business women myself, there are some cute pieces from what I can see.



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