OMCZ#10 - Strapless Chic

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Hey Everyone,
This weeks challenge was set by the lovely Mary  
The challenge is:
'Strapless Chic'

To be totally honest, I don't own any strapless items other than my Simply Be Maxi Dress or my Wedding Dress and seeing as my wedding dress doesn't fit me anymore and you have already seen plenty of pics of my beautiful maxi dress I was a bit stumped for this one....

Trawling through my wardrobe I wondered what I could do?.... Turn a skirt into a boob tube maybe?.. hmmm .... no no wait.... right in the back of my wardrobe I found this....

A black boob tube from like 5 years ago that actually still fits - result!!!

Coupled with my midi skirt from New Look also from years ago and old faithful sandals from Next the whole look is what I call Strapless Vintage Chic ;) .... meaning all the items are from around 2008/2009 .... talk about recycling my clothes.... now I have seen this look I may wear it more often.
Thanks Mary for enticing me to clear out my wardrobe and actually think about the clothes I already own :)

Wasn't so impressed with the weather yesterday, where did the cold, wind and rain come from??
Bit Chilly Now!! 

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  1. Do wear more often hun because you look fabulous!!!

    Mary ;)*

  2. You look lovely! and love the pictures at the end, you were brave going out in that weather! x

  3. I love looking through my closet and finding old things that I haven't worn in years and when they still fit its always a plus. I just did a post about that recently. But yeah the outfit looks great and your pictures are great too! :)



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