#OMCZ 11 - Everythings All White

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


 This weeks challenge was set by the gorgeous  Becky
The Challenge- To Break The Fashion Rules
I have to admit this past week or so I have been stupidly busy and the heat is really taking it out of me that the last thing I have wanted to do is sit at the computer and type and even take pictures.
 I feel I am just a sweaty mess at the moment.
And so I have taken the cowards way out.... I'm using some old pictures, wedding pictures to be precise.
Now, the preconception is, that larger ladies cannot wear white.... admittedly I don't own anything white and this I need to change, I would like a nice little white sundress so any recommendations then please let me know??
The theory that big girls can't wear white I feel is ridiculous.
All these lovely celebs really rock white



So here's a smushy pic of me and Chris in the whitest thing I ever own - My Wedding Dress.
I was a lot slimmer than I am now, but still not thin, thin, and so here's two fingers to all the people that say big girls can't wear white.

Why don't you check out how the other girls took on their challenges?



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  1. What a beautiful wedding dress and yes you are right we can wear white xx

  2. I love this idea! I love the smoochy photo. When I got married I wore a champagne colour, as I was definitely not pure enough to wear white! ;)

    Yass, fat people can wear white! :) x x

  3. fab post, we can wear white if we want to, personally I don't not because I think i'll look bad in it but because I am too messy, I wouldn't even get as far as down stairs before i'd be grubby!! xxx

  4. What a beautiful wedding dress.White can let a person look thinner.


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