Flash The Flesh - Swimsuit Edition

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Hey Everyone, 

So, today is the day for the Flash the Flesh swimsuit edition....

*Closes eyes and presses publish*
*Peers over to check its done, yep its done*

Arrrrgh I cannot believe I have just posted a picture of myself on the ol' interwebby in a swimsuit... Am I crazy!!!?

Actually I have to admit I am secretly pleased that I am confident enough to be able to do this post and its all down to blogging and the immense support network that it comes with.

And soooo taaaa daaaa here I am in my Swimdress

I got this swimdress from Very back last year when I was going on a spa day with a friend and I wanted something flattering, practical and also something to cover the tops of my thighs.

I'd seen a few swim dresses and decided to try one, and I just think its perfect for me and my needs.

I actually had these pics taken at the end of May when we were on holiday as the only time I will ever wear swimwear is on spa days or holidays.

This particular spotty swimdress isn't available anymore but  there are lots more designs available this season from Very check them out  HERE.

Check out all the other gorgeous galls in their swimwear....

Till Next Time

Mrs M xxxx

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  1. Love it that is so cute and you look fabulous xx

  2. I love this. it's really cute x

  3. You look so lovely. Just wonderful!


  4. You look bloody fabulous hun! xx

  5. You look fantastic, I love polka dot xx


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