30 Day Challenge - Day 5 - Fangirling

Monday, July 08, 2013

Before we begin I need to say that I love all the blogs I read and am subscribed to.

Everyone has something that always catches my eye so I don't want anyone to think I'm singling them out ;-) I love you all.

So when today's challenge was:

'Profess your love to another blogger'

 There was no question in my mind who I would pick.

Of course it is: Becky from The Ramblings of Mrs BeBe

                                                    What is not to love about this woman.

I was happily bumbling along doing my beauty and lifestyle posts back in January and they were pretty rubbish if I'm honest and then by chance I stumbled upon Becky's Blog. I think someone had retweeted her or something and off I clicked away into her domain.

From that moment on I loved her blog and I just knew that this was the direction I wanted my blog to go.

I already knew I wanted to do plus size posts but it was having the bottle to start.

I love her style, her ever changing haircuts, how she embraces her body and I also love her frank and honest lifestyle posts, she's a real inspiration to me.

I'm proper #fangirling on you here Becky .

She also along with Toni from The Only Way is Toni,  organise Plus North, such an amazing well needed event in the community set in Manchester and I can't wait to go. You can buy tickets HERE.

This woman is so lovely, I'm yet to meet her but we interact on twitter most days, she is one of the friendliest tweeters out there and she even made me my own Aztec letter, she's amaze. I can't rave about her enough and I so can't wait to meet her at Plus North in September.

So here's to you Becky, I am professing my blogger love to you, for all to see :)

Ooo I need to also mention Becky's herself and and Becky and Toni collectively from Plus North have also been nominated for awards at the Plus Size Awards so click HEREand vote for them.

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See you tomorrow for Challenge 6
Mrs M xxxx

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