30 Day Challenge - Day 4 - I'm turning into my mum

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Todays challenge is:

Favourite Quote

My favourite quote has to be 
'You become more like your mum as you get older'

It's true, I am turning into my mother. It's quite alarming, don't get me wrong I adore my mum but she has a few habits that wind me up a treat. She is a bit OCD when it comes to cleaning when I was a teen this annoyed the crap out of me but now I'm the same. I have to dry up and put away the washing up as soon as its done just like she does, if Chris so much as let's its drain, I go huffy. Why!? Why do I do this!? 

She likes to do crazy stuff at night like bring down boxes of paperwork at silly o clock. I do the same, 'oh it's midnight I'll just sort through my chest of drawers' why,. Why do I do this?!
Don't get me started on my brother, I feel sorry for him it's like he had two mums going on at him to do somat or other. 
Another thing, She likes weak tea, I like weak tea, she picks the big bits of tomato out of her pasta
sauce, so do I, she twirls her hair when she gets tired, I do the exact same thing...... I tell ya, if Chris wants to know what life is gonna be like in 20 odd years he just needs to look at mum. I'm my mothers daughter alright ;-)

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See you all tomorrow for Challenge Number 5

Mrs M xxxx

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  1. I too am becoming more and more like my mother - but I'm starting to realise its not a bad thing! z


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