30 Day Challenge - Day 3 - You Look Really Good Today

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Todays challenge is:

Things that make me uncomfortable

I think the main thing that makes me feel uncomfortable is face to face  compliments. 
I'm getting a lot better at it since blogging and silly as it sounds when someone compliments you online you start to feel braver in yourself online as it were. 
Usually if someone says I looked nice or my hair looked nice I would always get this inner self doubt of 'they're just saying that' as well as blushing. 
I'm learning to embrace face to face compliments more now. I am training my brain to think,
'well that person didn't have to say anything, but they chose to' 
I still get the self doubt that creeps in and I think that will always be. But I'm getting better.

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Mrs M xxxx

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  1. Oh! The worst (and best) of all the compliments! I bet you do look good today, however! x


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