30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 15 - A Day in the Life

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hey All,

So, todays challenge is 

'A Day in the Life'

I should of used a weekend day to illustate a day in the life as they are more fun packed but, no... 
Here is TODAY's Day in the life.

Hope you enjoy.... Sorry if its boring, I only went to work, Ha!!

6am...Morning!! Freckle Face :)

Shower Time

7am - Train Station

Off the train time to start my walk to work

Still Walking

Bit of music to help me on my merry way

Still walking

STILL walking

Nearly There,  just over by those tree's in the distance

My desk


My drink of choice to get me through the heat

Mumma picked me up today to save me walking, thank god!!

Home, time for Harvey cuddles

Feta Salad Tea

Twister Time

Emmerdale Time - The only soap I TRULY LOVE


Now Time for a bit of blogging before Bed.

Night All.....

Check out the other girls Challenge 15:

See you tomorrow for Challenge 16.

Mrs M xxxx

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  1. I'm thoroughly enjoying this 30 day challenge you and the other girls are doing! xx


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