OMCZ Challenge #8 - Shorts

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

So, its that time again for the latest OMCZ challenge.

 This weeks challenge setter was:  Nicole from

Challenge: Shorts

Some of you may recall I wore shorts for my last challenge, and seeing as I only own one pair of shorts I contemplated opting out of this challenge, but after some encouragement (thanks girlies) I decided to carry on and just utilize the shorts I have to create a different look.

And Ta daaaa....

I have created a sort of evening look by adding some tights, heel boots and a sheer black blouse

Wearing shorts is still a big issue for me as you can tell in the picture below and I can't ever imagine wearing them bear legged, not just yet anyway, but I hope you like the look I have created?

Shorts: Simply Be
Sheer Black Studded Shoulder Blouse & Cami: George @ Asda
Black Boots: George @ Asda

Why don't you check out how the other girls took on their challenges?
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also welcome two new ladies to the challenge:


And I want to mention a big thanks to Steph who has taken over from Rachel in steering us girls for a little while until Rachel is able to return.
Keep your eyes peeled for the next #OMCZ post in a couple of weeks


Mrs M xxxx

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! :)

  2. You look lovely! I've only just embraced wearing shorts and with this weather this past week I'm glad I did :)

  3. Love the outfit, really elegant way to wear shorts. You look fantastic! x

  4. you look fab, so glad you didn't opt out. I didn't realise they were the same pair looking at the photo's xx

  5. I think you look great and you should try wearing shorts! I used to be the same way but once I wore it once, i started to like it more and feel more comfortable in them and now i wear them all the time. I think it just takes time, I know I'm still very uncomfortable in wearing sleeveless. But yeah I think you look great and the outfit is like a stepping stone to wear more shorts! :)



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