Guess What??.... I'm Simply Be's Blogger of The Month

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hey Everyone,
I'm very excited to tell you that I am Simply Be's
Blogger of the Month
 Yaaaaay, Girlie Squeal, Happy Dance, Fist Pump!!!
I totally love Simply Be, you may have ;)
I am thrilled that they chose me as their Blogger of the Month.
I have only been blogging since January and it feels like second nature to me now, I feel happy when I blog and I love showcasing my new fashion and beauty finds and interacting with all the other lovely bloggers. I love my little blogger family :)
Thank you to everyone that takes the time to read my blog I truly appreciate it.
I love reading all you comments admittedly I am totally rubbish at replying, sorry, but I do read every single one and I pinky promise to get better at replying. ;)
To read the post on the Simply Be blog click HERE
Mrs M

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  1. Congrats!! that's such an achievement, believe or not, I have never ordered anything from Simply Be, but Lauren's pocket rocket dress is really tempting me!! xx

    1. Thanks Patty. Oh wow, you def need to order some things soon. I'm tempted by this dress too. The Boom Bands one is so nice. All the girls designs are fab xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jane, feels like so long ago I was asking you for blogger advise ;) xx

  3. Congrats that's so great! :)


  4. great post! i reallly love your blog! you have great taste, it looks amazing!
    please could you check out mine? would be such an honour!!!


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