To You Tube or Not to You Tube... That is the Question....?

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Hi Everyone,
So lately I have been pondering into setting up my You Tube again,
I set it up in January along with the blog and did like 3x videos, all of which I wasn't very happy with and to be honest I was only tinkering really, but due to lack of time and I guess privacy (hate to film if family are around) I decided to kinda give up.... No one likes a quitter huh!
Just recently I have been finding myself asking if I should start it back up again?
I love You Tube and most evenings I find myself watching a few of either beauty videos, daily vlogs, lifestyle videos, videos of hope in fertility struggles, funnies... the list is endless.
My favourites are Miss Budget Beauty along with her vlog channel Meet the McCools and I love Michelle's videos over on Chelenic focusing on her IVF story and success.
I really want to venture back into it and try again properly, but I do worry that I'm not interesting enough or if people will slate me. But then again I guess we all have to develop tough skin at times.
What are peoples thoughts on this? Should I try again? Has anyone got any tips?
Mrs M xxxx

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  1. If it is something you want to do, then you should give it a go! I have been thinking about doing the same thing, but I also haven't made up my mind about it.

    Beka x

  2. I think you should do it if your interested in doing it. I love youtube too, I can spend hours watching videos. You said that you've made 3 before and that you weren't happy with them. I'm pretty sure a lot of youtubers start off that way and it takes time for them to really get into the groove of things. I'm pretty sure if you start making videos more and more you'll get the hang out it. Plus you can always show your videos here, so you have the support of your blog followers. :)



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