OMCZ Challenge #7 - Geek Chic

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I'm writing from the past..... while you are reading this I will still be laying on a beach somewhere with my Pina Colada in one hand a book in the other while Mr M feeds me grapes and fans me (ha ha, the reality is I will probably be nursing a hangover from the all inclusive bar) .
So anyway I thought I better get prepared and schedule this and then I can catch up with everything when I get back at the weekend.

So, its that time again for the latest OMCZ challenge.

 This weeks challenge setter was: Gail from

Challenge: Geek Chic
Thick framed glasses, satchels, video game related stuff.

Hmmm this one proved be a tricky one for me as I don't own any video game related stuff I don't even own a games console, the closest to a video game for me is my unhealthy obsession with Candy Crush, I don't own a satchel or cartoon print other than my PJ's. Maybe I should have just worn them. lol.
No No, I'm going to rise to the challenge and do my own interpretation of Geek Chic with the resources I have.
So, in short, I'm wearing Mr M's Captain America top, Denim shirt AND.... a big challenge for me SHORTS.

Shorts are a big no no for me, but actually when I wore them for this challenge with tights they didn't look bad at all (I think anyway)

I love the way these challenges really do push the boundaries and make you think about an outfit that you wouldn't ordinarily wear but when you do you think 'ooooh I actually look alright'

Denim Shirt: So Fabulous @ Very
Captain America T-Shirt: Mr M's - think it was from Tesco's
Shorts: Simply Be
Tight & Ballet Pumps: George @ Asda
Glasses: Ummm don't know, old pair from fancy dress

 Thanks to Gail for setting this challenge it was really good fun and has helped me
A) Release my inner Geek
B) Eliminate my fear of shorts

Now..... Please excuse me I have a game of Candy Crush to finish......

Why don't you check out how the other girls took on their challenges?
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Keep your eyes peeled for the next #OMCZ post in a couple of weeks


Mrs M xxxx

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  1. I think you look great in the shorts! I think it's great stepping out of your comfort zone and I think you did a great job on the challenge. Well hope your having a great vacation!


  2. Looking good lady! I was playing Candy Crush on my phone but didn't put those photos in. x x

  3. Love the shorts! I keep thinking of combining shorts and tights as a way to combat my fear of them too. I have never actually played Candy Crush believe it or not!

  4. you look amazing, you have fab legs.

    I also have n unhealthy obsession with candy crush! what level are you on? x

  5. You look so adorable! I love how you styled the shorts with tights. That is one thing I haven't tried yet. Maybe this fall!

  6. Love this look! What level you on, on Candy Crush? x


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