OMCZ Challenge #6 - Neon

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Its that time again for the latest OMCZ challenge.

This week the challenge is slightly different, we are all taking turns in setting them for each other.
This weeks challenge setter was:
Steph from

Your choice, be it clothing, accessories, make up. 
At least 1 neon colour but the more the merrier.

Well today I decided on a really old Neon Pink top of mine from River Island, I usually wear it for bed but hey ho, for the purposes of a challenge I've revived it for normal wear.

Also the first showing on the blog of my new haircut, I've had a good 5 inches cut from my hair just over a week ago now. I love it, my head feels so light now. Nothing like a new 'do' to make you feel better. I'm going lighter over the next few months, going to do it gradually so look out for a more 'Blonder Em' in the coming months.

Anyhoo you may have also noticed my little special guest also sporting his Neon Green bandana.
Yep its my lil Harvey.

Harvey & Me

Love my lil Harveypoo

He looks so cool in his bandana

Old Oversized Neon and a smile in the sun.

Top: River Island
Black Hareem Trousers: New Look
Gold Sandals: Next
Sunglasses: Primark

Why don't you check out how the other girls took on their challenges?
Click on their links below

Keep your eyes peeled for the next #OMCZ post in a couple of weeks


Mrs M xxxx

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  1. You look so good as always!!
    And the dog is super cute! :)
    Mary ;)*

  2. Oh my gawd, Harvey is adorable! Loving the top and sandals. x x

    1. He is so scrummy bless him. Thanks xx

  3. Your hair looks fantastic and your puppy... omg, I want to squish it!! So so cute!! And I love neon pink. It rocks my world!

    1. Thanks Crystal, I he sooo frickkin cute right!! :) Yep I do loe a bit of Neon now thanks to these challenges xx

  4. Gorgeous; love the top and your hair is so lovely. Maybe Harvey and my Cookie could be friends?! xx

    1. Thanks Gail!! Awww yeh come on over and bring Cookie :0 ) xx

  5. you both look fab! your hair looks fab as well xxx

  6. Your doggy is so adorable. Your hair looks great and the shirt is such an pretty color and i love your sandals too.


    1. Thanks Nina, the sandals are so old i'm surprised they are still wearable, but they are so comfatable xx


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