MUA Power Pout - Broken Hearted

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Good Evening Everyone,

Firstly an apology, I feel that I have neglected the beauty aspect of my blog of late. But rest assured I still adore make up and today I wanted to share with you my new lipstick love from MUA.

I am a total sucker for all the MUA products lately, they are so cheap (but in a good way) everyone loves a bargain and it seems every time I'm in Super drug a few more items end up in my basket.

Today I want to tell you about

MUA Power Pout - Broken Hearted

A colour intense tint and balm
The range is similar to the Clinque Chubby Sticks which I also love, but the MUA version is so much cheaper at £3.00 each compared to Clinque being £16.00 each.

This balm/lipstick (I call it a lipstick) is really lovely and the pencil style effect makes it easy to apply  and its very moisturising when its on.
I went for the colour Broken Hearted but you can also get these in five other shades  Rendez Vous, Irreplaceable, Crazy in Love, Runway and Justify.

 Another thing I noticed about this was the smell.... it smells minty, its really nice.

Minty Freshness

Lovely colour when its on and you can actually see how moisturising it is.

I hope you agree that if you love chubby sticks or MUA or tinting lipbalms in general this is deffo a purchase you need to get. 

I'm off to get the other colours now before they sell out, you can also purchase these on the MUA website here


Mrs M xxxx

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  1. Ooh I love the colour :), and £3?!!? bargain *runs off to Superdrug*

    Kayleigh x

  2. You really can't fault MUA on the price and the quality you get. I have been really surprised. I love their £1 blusher! x


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