Floral Maxi Dress from Simply Be - I'm in Love!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I already posted a pic of this floral maxi in my holiday look book which you can read here
But seriously, I feel this dress needs a post of its very own!!

I adore this dress, I am quite short a mere 5ft 5 inches and I have tried maxi dresses in the past and always thought I looked silly in them.
Whilst perusing Simply Be for holiday fashion inspiration I noticed this floral number.
I just love floral print - most of my wardrobe is floral.
My style is Floral Statement (thats what I like to call it anyway) 
As soon as I clicked on it I notice that it came in three different lengths, 49 inches, 52 inches and 55 inches - Hooray a Maxi Dress for a shortie like me!!! Wooooo. 
In it went into my basket, and its arrived and I lovingly placed it in my suitcase ready for holiday.

The perfect night arrived when we were going for a night out to watch The Pirates Show in Palma (which by the way, was AMAZING) and out came the dress.

I also got this lovely bracelet from one of the local shops in Palma for just €2 and I thought all the colours just matched perfectly and the nail varnish is from Essie in the shade 'Madison Ave Hue'
 You can purchase this dress from Simply Be here  it comes in various other patterns and I think for £36 it is a staple summer and holiday item which I now I will be wearing again and again.


Mrs M xxxx

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  1. That dress is absolutely gorgeous on you! xx

  2. Love that dress and how it suits your curves. <3


  3. Oh man I'm pretty short as well and I don't own any maxi dresses because they are always so long on me. I didn't know that they sell different lengths for maxi dresses. The dress looks awesome on you and i love the floral print! :)


  4. so cute! we love anything floral so this is definitely a winner


  5. wow !! i want this dress for my holiday !!! you look amazing the colours suit you so well :-)


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