Outside My Comfort Zone Challenge 4 - Orange / Floral / Bright Lipstick

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Two posts in one day, I'm really spoiling you ;)

I'm a bit behind on this post as some of you may know my nan has been really poorly. 
She seems to be on the mend and fingers crossed all will be OK.

So, tonight I finally got around to the challenge that Rachel at HappynessMagnet set.

This weeks challenge was: Orange / Floral / Bright Lipstick

I'm already quite a fan of orange 
This particular orange blouse is an old one from Primark along with an old New Look Vest top.

The pyjama floral trousers are from Simply Be I got them a little while ago and and have been waiting for an excuse to wear them.
I wore them for the first time over the weekend when we had that teeny bit of sun and I really can't wait for the summer now to show them off properly.

 Floral print trousers are a big deal this summer and I have already invested in a few different pairs which no doubt will be appearing on the blog at various points and will be in my suitcase in 5 weeks when we go to Majorca, yippie!!!

As for bright lippie, no problem.... Bright Lips are my favourite, this shade is 'Passionfruit' from Collection 2000, its a shimmery coral colour to accompany the blouse.

My necklace is a little bargain that I picked up from a local charity shop for £2, I jazzed it up with some glittery nail varnish and I'm really pleased with the result.

Why don't you check out how the other girls took on their challenges?
Click on their links below

Keep your eyes peeled for the next #OMCZ post in a couple of weeks


Mrs M xxxx

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  1. you look fab, I love the necklace.

    Glad to hear your gran is on the mend x

  2. I love that shade of orange. The necklace is amazing! x x

  3. Always great hun!! Love the trousers!!
    Floral trousers will be my next purchase!!

    Mary ;)*

  4. Thanks ladies, totally loved this challenge xx


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