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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Good Morning Everyone,

OK, who's singing along to the title? 
This song is in my head at the moment and seemed very fitting to do title this post after the song...

As you may be aware I do love my nail varnish and I'll admit I was an Essie virgin until I discovered the world of blogging and so I knew I had to purchase some to try out.

My first Essie purchase is the Mini Springtime Collection for 2013, 
Four mini 6ml bottles of springtime colour goodness.  I did a real girlie squeal when it arrived, always something so joyous when you receive a parcel addressed to you knowing what goodies will be inside.

I simply couldn't wait to try these,  and here they are....

The colours are:

1) Go Ginza
2) Avenue Maintain
3) Bond with Whomever
4) Madison Ave Hue

Number Four has to be my favourite but that said, I will use these colours all equally over the summer and they are the perfect mini size bottles to take away on my holiday.

Also, wow, aren't Essie brushes so much easier to paint with and it dries really quick too and they dry so shiny.

I am most definitely and Essie convert now and I think my collection will grow and grow soon. 


Mrs M xxxx

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  1. Those colours are lovely, I really like the lilac one. I am also an Essie virgin, but looking at these, I need to have a good look at them!

    Beka x

    1. They are just gorgeous, Essie is fab Im still new to it but Ebay is gonna take a hammering :) xx

  2. Those colors are so pretty and so perfect for spring and summer. I'm really like the 1st and 4th one, they are such pretty neutral colors. I only own one essie nail polish but I think i might need to get some of their pretty pastel colors. :)


    1. Totally perfect for spring and summer, can't wait to take them on holiday xx

  3. Love these colours!

    Nyss x

  4. They are all pretty but I like the Avenue Maintain the best.

  5. That colour will look good with black, a nice block colour xx


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