My Best Friends Girl....

Sunday, March 24, 2013

No I'm not referring to the song (maybe a bit old for some of you lol) I'm referring to 
My Best Friend and her actual girl.. Her daughter, my Goddaughter Sofia.

Becky and I have been best friends for years, we have laughed together and cried together, 
I fell out with her, (for over a year, one of the saddest times for me)  we made back up (yay), drank wine, been silly, had spa days, had makeovers, talked boys, talked sex and more importantly been there for each other in our times of need.

She has been by my side through my fertility struggle as well as going through her own struggle early on and now she is the proud mummy of Sofia and has another lil bumperino in the oven, due for arrival in May.

They have been a source of strength for me, a tonic if you will. In the times when people would probably think I would not want to be around families or children  I can tell you its quite the opposite. I just feel comfort and love being around them.
Becky has never once made me feel inadequate, unworthy, uncomfortable or unloved the testament of a true friendship.
She knows I'm not going to shatter into a million pieces at the mere mention of babies, but she also knows I'm only human and will have good days and bad days, she gets that. she gets me and I love her for it.

I love my Goddaughter Sofia (Sofia Scrumpot as I call her) as if she were my own and that will never change even if I am fortunate to have a family of my own one day. I have been in her little life from the moment she entered the world. Well not quite, I wasn't in the delivery room or owt, but nearest dammit with Becky calling me literally half an hour after giving birth.
From the day I set eyes on the lil blue eyed girl with a full head of hair I was in love.

She is nearly two now and we see her every week and with every week comes new things she has learnt, achieved, said, done. I love watching her grow before my eyes and become a beautiful young girl, ever inquisitive and not wanting to keep still.

I wouldn't want to be without these wonderful people and feel honoured that they are in my life.

Love my best girlies!!!

Mrs M xxxx

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