Five Minute Friday Follow with Curved Rose

Friday, March 01, 2013

Good Morning Everyone,
Here's my first Friday Follow Post and it is with the lovely Jessie from Curved Rose.
She has launched Curved Rose a jewellery range that also caters for the larger lady.
With some gorgeous pieces why not peruse her website and make a little purchase esp with Mothers Day just around the corner.

Jessie the founder of Curved Rose

Here are Jessie's Five, Five Minute Questions:
1) When did you start your business and why?
I launched Curved Rose Jewellery at the beginning of February 2013, but have been working on it for about 8 months now. Working in jewellery for 12 years, I got really sick of having to explain to gorgeous women that we didn't have their sizes in rings and bracelets. I realised that if you wanted to buy contemporary silver jewellery in larger sizes, there really wasn't a lot to of choice.
2) Do you feel we cater enough for plus size fashion and accessories?
No definitely not, but plus size fashion is improving all of the time and hopefully the tide is slowly turning. Brands are realising that women of all shapes and sizes want to be stylish, fashionable and feel fab. With more and more exciting new plus size companies, magazines and events on the horizon, it can only get better. In terms of jewellery though, there are plenty of plus size clothing shops that sell costume pieces, but if you want silver or precious metals without having to wait for it to be bespoke made, I think there is very little out there. Hopefully Curved Rose fills this gap.
3) Describe your design styles in 5 words
Modern, simple, striking, stylish and wearable.
4) If you could have any celebrity endorse your product who would you choose?
I would definitely choose Adele. I think she is stunning and stylish, down to earth and has a great positive body image for all girls.
5) Who are your style icons?
Ooh where to start? I love Marilyn Monroe with her gorgeous hour glass silhouette and dresses cinched in at the waist. I love fifties style dresses. I love Kate Winslet with her effortless style and beauty. I'm afraid it's a cliché now but I was the biggest Sex And The City fan so I love anything Carrie Bradshaw and Sarah Jessica Parker. Oh to have a closet filled with Manolo Blahniks and Christian Louboutins!! One day maybe! I can but dream!

Thank you to Jessie for talking part in my First Five Minute Follow.
You can follow Jessie of Twitter on: @CurvedRose
And check out her website:
If you would like to take part in a Five Minute Friday Follow whether you are a Business, Beauty Blogger, Plus Size Blogger etc etc then please drop me an email on:
Love Em xxxx

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  1. They're so beautiful! I love the star, it reminds me of home and christmas!
    Lovely post <3

    Xx Luce

  2. That star is so pretty. Unique and a nice statement too.

    I like :)

  3. The star necklace looks really nice!

    Sandra - The Puzzle of Sandra's Life


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