You are loved everyday not just valentines day

Friday, February 08, 2013

Hey Everyone,

Today I feel compelled to write about my Mum and Dad.
With Valentines Day just around the corner its hard not to think about my gorgeous Mum.

For the past 13 years now she hasn't been able to receive a Valentines Card or a present from my Dad, nor will she ever again.  My Dad you see, passed away 13 years ago when my mum was only
Imagine loosing your husband, your best friend, your lover, your soul mate at the age of 39.... 
I obviously grieve the loss of my dad everyday, but I grieve in a different way,  its only now as I get older that I realise the extent of the grief that my mum must feel every single day, more so now that I am married myself.

We were looking through old pictures the other day and came across these beauties of them on their wedding day...... How young and how in love..... I love these pictures.

Love this photo
So in love

Myself and my brother have always made sure we get mum a valentines card every year since he passed away, just so she knows she is loved by us.
But she also knows she is 'Loved by us everyday, not just Valentines Day.'

Mum & Me Now

Some of you may buy into Valentines Day, some of you may think its hype and too commercialised the way I see it is, I don't need a particular day to dictate to me when I should tell someone that I love them.
But sometimes, just sometimes, someone around you might need to hear those words just a little bit more on certain days.
So if you are near a loved one, go and give them a hug and tell them you love them cause you never know the day when you might not be able to tell them.

Lots of Love

Em xxxx

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  1. this post so touching, my granny recently lost my grampa and its their 40th wedding anniversary in april, i cant imagine how she must be feeling but i will defo be giving her lots of hugs <3

  2. This was incredibly touching hun. Lots of love to all of you.
    I found you through Hannah maries Blog hop. Glad to follow you.


  3. You look like your mum on the second photo of her! lovely family pictures and touching blog post x


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