Graze Box Review

Monday, February 11, 2013

I've been meaning to try these for a long time but never got round to it.

After discussing with my friend Janine about them whilst we were on holiday and how much she enjoys them at work I thought I would try one when I got home.

A few days later a box was delivered... The little tinker had signed me up to get a free one to try. Thanks Janine ;-)

So here's me at work with my Graze box.

The Graze Box is a biodegradable box with guilt free nutritious snacks divided into four different compartments that you can get delivered direct to your home or work.

 You can pick and choose the fillings you want online, with 100 different snacks including popcorn, olives, chocolate, flapjacks... I could go on.

I had Summer Berry Flapjack, Macaroon, Blueberry Swirl and Nuts & Seeds.

The box is a good size and doesn't take up much room on the desk and in my opinion I wouldn't want a whole box every day  I would be happy with one every few days as each individual section is quite filing.

At the moment you can get your first Graze box for half price, the usual price is £3.89 per box.

On the whole I must say I am enjoying my first Graze Box and the sweet sections have certainly helped with the usual 3 o' clock lull sugar rush I need. 

My only issue is the price, hence why I would only get one every few days.

Definitely worth a try tho guys.

You can order at

Lots of Love 

Em xxxx

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