Getting Creative #4 Valentines Edition

Saturday, February 16, 2013

How bad am I abandoning my Weekly Getting Creative posts only three weeks in? Shame on me.
In my defence I have been super busy at work and had a holiday. 
But anyway I'm back now and getting creative all over again :-)

Sooo Chris and myself decided not to buy ea other anything for Valentines Day this year but me being me I cannot NOT do nothing for him so I decided to get creative. 
Off I went into town armed with five whole english pounds in an attempt to get him something useful yet funny.

I browse, poundland.... Fluffy handcuffs?? nah,  Love dice?? nah, Toastcutter in the shape of a heart?? nah, none of this stuff is for us.

What can I do??? What does Chris love (other than me)??  Sweets, yes!  he loves sweets, heading over to the sweetie section I come across the tupperware.... ooooo that would be good as a sweetie jar.... Ding!!! Lightbulb over head moment.

So I spent the grand total of £3 in poundland..... I bought a round tupperware container with lid and  two bags of sweets. I spent the remaining £2 in Clintons on a card (if you are interested lol)

And so, I went back home, printed off a few sheets of heart imagines - I went for a black background with neon hearts (more manly y'see grrrrrrr ) I covered the tupperware jar and the lid with the paper and.....

 Taaaa Daaaaa 

A sweetie jar for him to take in his work van to keep his sweetie goodies in.
Am I thoughtful or what!!? Hahaha

Lots of Love

Em xxxx

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  1. I really like this post :-) And what a great idea. Wish I was that creative lol



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