What's in my....Make Up Bag???

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Hey Everyone...

I just love reading 'What's in my......' posts..... I think its the nosey parker in me :-)

For those of you who enjoy them just like me... here is my very first.... daan daan daaaaahhh...

What's in my Make Up Bag.....

Expect follow ups like, "Whats in My.... Bag??, Whats in my.... Bathroom Cabinet??,
Whats in my... Jewellery Box and so on and so forth hehehe!!!

So here we go..... here is my gorgeous Cath Kidston Oil Cloth make up bag, and its contents for you all to see... I am a MAJOR Cath Kidston fan..... this will become more prominent as my blog progresses in the future!! :-)

This is my work Make Up Bag..... Yes I have others..... ones with going out make up, sparkly eyeshadows, glittery eyeliners ... you know the drill..... but this make up bag is my day to day 
Monday to Friday 10 min throw my face on for work..... 

So here's the info on whats inside...

Pic 1 - My Beautiful Make Up Bag - Bought for me by a friend.... So hardwearing, I much prefer Oil Cloth make up bags as they are wipe clean and don't get as dirty as fabric ones.
Pic 2 - Primer - Rimmel Fix & Perfect - Confession - I don't use it everyday but its in there all the same, and I actually do notice a difference when I don't put it on.
Pic 3 - My Beloved Clinique Foundations - I don't know if other people do the same but I mix my foundations together in the palm of my hand before I apply, I have a very dry T section and oily skin everywhere else, therefore combining these two I get a perfect coverage.
Foundation 1 - Clinique Stay Matte Oil Free make up - Ivory No 6
Foundation 2 - Clinique Superbalanced Make Up - Ivory No 3
Pic 4 - Benefit - Arch & Triumph Brow Shaper & Highlighter  - Making do really until I can find a brow pencil I really like.

Pic 5 & 6 - Collection 2000 Pressed Powder in No 2 Medium - I have always used Collection 2000 powders, I just think they do a really good job and they are nice and cheap... as you can see I need a new one this one is running out rapidly.
Pic 7 & 8 - NYC Colour Wheel Mosaic Face Powder - A great cheap and cheerful all over bronzer - again I need to purchase a new one soon.

Pic 9 & 10 - Clinique Blusher - Sunset Glow 107 - I love this blusher, it gives my cheeks a real glow and it stays on all day... also I have recently been using it as an eye shadow and love the colour.
Pic 11 & 12 - Clinique Colour Surge Eyeshadow Quad - Pink Chocolate 112 - I really like the natural colours of this set, perfect for work, understated and simple.

Pic 13 - Collection 2000 Black Kohl Eyeliner - I seriously need to buy a new one, its down to the last bit.... I'm not really one for liquid eyeliner, only if I'm going out on a night out... for day to day I prefer to stick to plain and simple black kohl eyeliner
Pic 14 - Clinique High Impact Mascara in black - I am so fussy when it comes to mascara,  I have sensitive eyes, I can't use Rimmel as it makes my eyes so sore and puffy.... so one day I thought i'd try Clinique - most of my make up bag is, may aswell go the whole hog...lol... and i've been hooked ever since such a great coverage, non clumpy and a nice rich black colour.
Pic 15 & 16 - Boots Natural Collection Lipstick in Crimson - Really into my rouge lips lately, this makes a nice change it I fancy going for something more vibrant.

Pic 17 & 18 - Clinique Chubby Stick - No 14 Curvy Candy - This is my preffered choice of daytime lipstick, its also a lip balm and nice an moisturising - I also use this on my cheeks sometimes
Pic 19 & 20 - Mac Dazzle Gloss - Get Rich Quick - This was in a Mac set I got for Christmas and I just love it.... its shimmery, its glittery it lasts ages and its now a favourite.

Pic 21 - Last but not least my bits and bobs..... think they speak for themselves.... :-)
I am in desperate need of a foundation brush tho so, any recommendations please let me know??

So there we have it, a sneaky peek into my make up bag..... hope you have enjoyed!!!

If you are reading this and yet to follow me I would really love it if you did :-) 
I'm still only a Baby Blogger and there is lots more from me to come....

Thanks so much for reading

Lots of Love 

Em xxxx

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  1. Hello, reading back on posts... basically doing my nosey as I love 'Whats in my Make up Bag' type posts and am thinking of doing one of my own!

    Re looking for an eyebrow pencil have you thought of the eyebrow kits? I was using a pencil until I discovered the kits. I love the ELF one but am desperate to try the MUA one which everyone is raving about.

    Foundation brush I use is Real Techniques buffing brush, I love it! xxxx


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