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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Sooo during my lunchbreak at work today my eyes wandered over to the calender and already I was mapping out our year, what we will do, holidays we have already booked, birthdays nights out etc .... as I looked at May,
I am nearly always transported back to our wedding day..... May 6th 2007 to be exact.... the day I became

Mrs Millard.....

Everyone say ahhhhhhhhhhh........

This year we will be celebrating our 6th wedding anniverssary, I know its not till May and we still have a few months to go but...wow...where did that time go...? It doesn't seem like yesterday that it was our wedding day ... well my waistline will tell you different (contentment spread is never good is it?) .... I can still feel the butterflies of excitement when I was awoken by my maid of honour bouncing around  that it was my wedding day and handing me a present that my husband to be, had bought me....a silver bracelet ... so thoughtful bless him. Also I can remember how incredibly nervous I was all morning trying to get ready and having relatives that had travelled a long way decend on the house wanting to chat whilst I was trying to get my make up/hair done, my mum trying to get me to eat something, thrusting ham sandwiches in my path at every opportunity muttering ' well you don't want your stomach rumbling in the church do you?'.... To put it mildly the house prior to the wedding was a bit chaotic....  but that all fell by the wayside as soon as I got to the church and walked (with jelly legs) down the aisle to the love of my life, yes!! I had made it to the alter without falling over or tripping up, phew!!  (a commen occurance in my dreams leading up to the wedding day) ..... Then whoooooooosh quick as a flash the day is over....... honestly the time flies by in the blink of an eye....

And so I digress...... this blog isn't really to bore you all with the intricate details of our wedding day, although I might enlighten you on a few tales as the blog progresses ..... its more a what are peoples thoughts on renewing wedding vows..... ??

I realise this can be a tricky subject sometimes, when I've typed in google search 'vow renewals after 10 years' its a mixed bunch of comments with a lot of people saying  'isn't one wedding enough?'.....'are you just doing it for the presents?' etc etc.... maybe some people do, who knows, I know we wouldn't be requesting gifts if we had a renewal,  all I know is, as a lot of people have said online and also some friends of mine  that have been married that the thought crosses your mind 'I wish certain things on the day could have been a bit different' As much as it was the happiest day of my life becoming
 Mrs Millard if I could go back in time and tell myself a few things its would be:

1) Don't let family dictate to things - It's you and your partners day not anyone else's
2) Relax More
3) Don't rush things just so its another thing for you to tick off the list, take time with your decisions
4) Don't get a ballon net (long story...... !!)
5) Get hubby to write a better speech..... lol
6) Get ready in peace and quiet
7) Drink in every moment of the day and try to capture as many moments as you can

Actually there are only really a few things I would do differently now and as I am older and wiser it almost feels like I can do a better job of planning an intimate renewal all over again, if that makes sense?

If I could have our original day again I wouldn't of changed the major things, i.e I loved my dress, I loved the church, I loved our wedding car, I loved our venue and the meal was gorgeous, as was the cake that my wonderful father In law made, its other little bits, for instance, I would like to give my mum the chance to give me away (again).... my brother gave me away, as sadly my dad passed away when I was 18 and he was the 'man' of the house now so I felt he would serve dad proud which, to his credit he did beautifully, but again for me it was a double edged sword....I wish my mum could have done it too...., we also had issues with the photographer (an old friend- who is no more) who took pictures of us at the church but then said she felt poorly and had a cold brewing whilst at the meal and so went home early so no professional evening reception pics or pictures of our first dance  nope, our pictures only go up to the meal....massive fail on her part!!!, I'd change the DJ and have a band  as our DJ just stuck CD's on and didn't interact with people, I'd decide not to have a  ballon net ...... see point 4 above .... for our wedding song we chose Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars, at the crucial moment when the guitars kick in towards the end, my friends were going to pull the chord on the balloon net that we had purchased and it would rip open and all the silver and white ballons would cascade all around us, (that was the vision I had in my head)..... erm... not quite how it happenend.... they pulled the chord and it ripped off the ceiling and bashed me on the head (obv I was unscathed, they were only balloons after all), cue my friends scurrying to the dance floor to try and retrieve the balloons and picking them up  and throwing them around, it was funny and we laugh about it a lot now.... but at the time it was ...'oh shit did that really just happen?'..... following on from that we were due to stay in a beautiful barn conversion for our wedding night, we were told they had left the key under the mat for us..... well they forgot..... after trying to call the manager for about an hour and getting no answer, my mum ended up picking us up in her old style Nissan Micra, one angry groom and one tearstained bride....we ended up sleeping at my nan's house as all other beds in everyone else's house including ours were taken up with relatives.... yep thats right we spent our wedding night at my nan's house.... sexy huh!!!!?...... needless to say the wedding night wasn't.... well y'know ;-) ..... cue memories of me sat at my nan's house in her stressless chair in my wedding dress drinking a cuppa and trying to eat a digestive in between sobs.... lol

Again I digress..... yes again.....

As much as I loved our wedding day and we have some very amusing stories to tell as you can appriciate there are parts I feel we could do again just that little bit better.

For this I truly don't see anything wrong with renewing our vows in front of our family and close friends, nothing fancy smancy just a few tweeks here and there that we could have done differently the first time round as well as reaffirming our love for one another.... in the (nearly) six years we have been together we have had to deal with a lot of heartache and the fear of possibly never having a family of our own and it has only made us stronger.....

I love my husband more than anything and want to shout it from the rooftops all over again in front of the people we love and care about and so the countdown to our wedding renewel on May 6th 2017 begins....lol!!!

What are you thoughts on renewing of vows?

Lots of Love

Em xxxxx


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  1. Awwww I actually said awww be fore your lil tag hehehe. Lovely pics xxx

  2. awww this post is really nice :-) You look lovely on your photos and look really happy :-)


    1. Thanks Lisa, I was truly truly happy.. still am ... love my man... guuuush :) hehehe xx


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