Pound Land Nails

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sooo I thought I would show you my ..... wait for it.... £1 a bottle nail varnishes from, you guessed it Poundland.

I don't really tend to pay too much attention to make up in Poundland but I had to go in for a Toblerone.... yes a Toblerone (cheapest place to buy them)  and I found myself perusing the nail varnish.

This one caught my eye...

Outdoor Girl 'Blue'... it has no name or other description other than 'Blue'.... its a nice shimmery metallic blue colour and I don't usually do metallic so I thought I would give it a go.

Then I spied this....

Chit Chat - Glitter Nail Varnish.

Perfect for a top coat.

And Voila...

£2 nails..... cheap as chips

What a bargain...... Had several comments at work on the colour.

I'll be going back to get the green one I saw for sure.

Thanks for reading.

Lots of Love

Em xxxx

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  1. The nail varnish is really nice. Wouldn't have thought it was a pound. I shall be popping in to see what my local poundland has in.



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