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Sunday, January 06, 2013

So this year I have decided to do one creative thing a week in the build up to Christmas 2013.... I have been inspired by watching Kirsty Allsop's homemade Christmas programmes whilst I was on holiday.

So I set to work thinking of what I could do as I took our decorations down.... as I looked at the christmas cards I decided that as every year I always have every intention of reusing the cards to make gift tags ... this year I was definatly going to do it.... and I HAVE.... go me!!!!

Voila..... a selection of homemade xmas tags for next year.....

I'm quite pleased with myself..... now to put them away for next Christmas.... here's hoping I don't forget where I put them.... my usual trick...putting things away safe... so safe I forget where I put them.. lol

I wonder what creative thing I can come up with next week.... any suggestions....?

Lots of Love

Em xxxx

I wonder what creative t

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  1. This is such a good idea. I actually entered a magazine comp in Oz (Real Living) in October, and this was my exact tip for being crafty at Christmas. They printed the tip in the mag in December and I was so excited!!!

    1. Great Minds Amy :)Ooooo did you get anything for them printing it? xxx


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