Great Odds - Friendship & Communication

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Last week I was very kindly invited to Salisbury Playhouse to see the show Great Odds.
The show is a macs- arcadian production aimed for children aged 6-11 years old and is based on friendship and communication.

Being as it was half term here in the South West it was a perfect opportunity to take my goddaughter on a little theatre treat however due to timings of the show I had to work and so her mummy and my bestie Becky went in my place and it gave them the perfect Mummy/Daughter afternoon which was lovely.

The show is written by Ester McAuley and the story as per their summary online is:

Exploring ambition, communication and friendship, the story follows the Great Odds; Marco, Grouch and Jewels, on an exciting and sometimes wobbly journey... Dreams change shape, unexpected things are uncovered and success comes through surprising discoveries.

Integrating visual storytelling, British Sign Language, live music, sound and puppetry, Mac's Arcadian presents Great Odds, its first play, in co- production with Lighthouse Poole, supported by Improbable.

The main factors of the production is to showcase different methods of communication, including sign language and music and when I asked Becky how the show was, she said that my goddaughter absolutely loved it and really took on board all the different forms of communication without even thinking about it, it just came naturally which shows how adaptable children really are.
They had front row seats in a small theatre and she really enjoyed being on the same level as the stage which made it less intimidating which gave her the confidence to get involved and call out when asked questions. 

Great Odds is still touring and have a few show's left around the country so if you are looking for a fun, interactive thought provoking show for kids then have a check on the Mac-Arcadian website to book tickets for the rest of the tour, the following dates are left: 

So if they  coming to a town near you then grab a ticket.

I will leave the rehearsal trailer about the show below so you can see for yourself, but click on the Mac-Arcadian website HERE to see the proper trailer.

Emma xxx

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