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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

So last weekend was eventful, it seems my tweet to New Look on Friday questioning pricing differences between the Main, Tall and Curve Range has caused a bit of a stir.

The Daily Mail picked up on it and wrote an article about it, prompting the lovely Katie Hopkins to troll me..... what a sweetie she is..... *note sarcastic tone*

And then The Sun also decided to run a story on it.

I have refrained from reading the comments, because as per the norm with things like this you get narrow minded people that are quick to spout off about weight and how I must really like chips (fun fact i'm not a big fan of chip, lol) and that I should spend the extra money on a gym membership not a new top yadda yadda....same ol drivvle.

But sadly while these people were quick to jump on the 'she's fat what does she expect'  bandwagon they actually missed the point completely.

My argument was that a top that I liked in the main range was £7.99, the same top in the tall section was £19.99 and then a similar top in the curve section was £22.99. The price difference was between £12-£15 are we being penalised for being taller, or bigger? How do they work out their pricing structure? The argument of more fabric I can get on board with to a certain extent. 

A couple of pounds here and there sure, but £15 MORE!!! NO!!! I'm not having it!! 

There is a lot more fabric between the sizes of 8 and 18 but the price is still the same, what about petite people, if we are going on the amount of fabric premise they are they paying less? 

The pricing structures baffled me and so I merely wrote a tweet asking them to explain and the media got hold of it. and actually I'm pleased they did as it needed to be highlighted, they also found other price differences so something needs to be explained here!! 

So many of you are with me, and agree so thanks thanks guys!!!

At present (Wednesday night - 6 days later) I haven't had any explanation from New Look, I had a generic type email advising they would look into it and someone from their complaints team will be in touch within a week - well time is ticking by so I wonder if I will EVER get an explanation? 
Who knows, but I'm not sorry I brought this to everyone attention, even Katie bloody Hopkins!!

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it's a Fat Tax? Is it down to Supply and Demand? or just plain exploitation?

I'd love to know your thoughts?

If you haven't seen I mention it in this weeks weekend vlog, you can check it out below:

Mrs M xxxx

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  1. Really good point and very well made! I would be really interested to hear New Looks explanation...and also just to say, so pleased to see you ignore the trolls - they think they are clever and funny but the reality is that kindness and positivity will always shine brighter! Good for you xx


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