Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hands Up, who's going to this years Curve Fashion Festival in Liverpool on Sat 9th Sept??

I will be there and I'm bringing Chris along too to check out the mens offerings from Jacamo and Bad Rhino.

I have been so excited about this years event, it's been circled on the calendar for the longest time and it has been my 'thing to look forward to' after moving house and now that we're all moved the festival is getting closer and closer and I can't blimmin wait.

Every year the festival just gets bigger and better and this year is no exception, there is so much on offer, from book signings, to meet and greets to Q&A's to celebrity launches.

There is something for everyone and it is action packed from the moment the doors open at 10am till they close at 5pm.

Below I have listed the FULL schedule of events, one's I am most excited about are :
Q&A with Tess Holliday, The launch of Charlotte Crosby's collection from In The Style Curve and 
the How To Stage session with Hayley from Curves & Curls and Studio 8 not to mention the catwalk shows that are happening all throughout the day showcasing new AW17 pieces (hurrah autumn fashion) as well as interacting and meeting with so many of the AMAZING Plus Size Brands, Independent Business' as well as some beauty bits thrown in.

It's so empowering and amazing that these events now exist for us. Gone are the days of having to traipse around the high street trying to find fashion that fits and struggling to find anything other that a hanky hem butterfly print t-shirt. 
Fashion is changing, brands are realising we need fashion and trends in a variety of sizes and to have so many of them all under one roof  showcasing is just fantastic.

Are you going to this years TCFF? Tickets are still available HERE

You seriously won't regret it, its an amazing event and a fantastic place to catch up with your favourite bloggers, brands, digital influencers and a chance to also meet new friends who just simply adore fashion!! 

Will I see you there?

Mrs M xxx

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  1. Hi Em I'm going with my sister, looking forward to it so much!! If we see you can we come and say hi??! Xx


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