Wednesday, March 08, 2017

What a busy few days we've had.... 

I feel like our life goes from zero miles an hour to a million miles an hour. 
We either have no plans or so many plans we can't keep up.

Since Saturday it has been one of those million miles and hour moments.... we travelled to Doncaster to spend time with Khila, then we travelled to London for a couple of days and literally crammed so much stuff in I don't know how I'm still standing, my legs still feel like jelly from the miles we covered walking.

Every year me and Chris do a 'Tourist in London' trip and try to do things that we haven't done before. This time was no different, we went to Castles, Exhibitions, The Shard, River Cruise.... so much, some of which I will cover in spirit blog posts over the coming weeks. 

But if you fancy a little breakdown of what we have been up to then you can watch this weeks extended weekend vlog. The link is below..... how I managed to fit five days into just 21 mins I'll never know but I did it..... 

Love Mrs M xxx

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