Dear Yours Clothing

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Dear Yours Clothing,

Let me tell you a little story... Let's start by taking you back to to my teen years, namely 20 years ago
(yes, I'm that old...sssssh don't tell anyone).

The other day I was tidying up my wardrobe (which, by the way, is 80% Yours Clothing) and I found some old photos of me when I was 15, in one of the photos I'm wearing an oversized sports top.  Whilst looking at it I gasp 'oh gosh I remember that!' and as I studied the picture, it sounds strange, but I was instantly taken back to those teenage years.

 Back then I had zero confidence and didn't really like looking at myself in the mirror or having a photo taken,  I was always hiding at the back or shying away from the camera. I'd always been the 'biggest' out of my group of friends and shopping days were a big no no for me because I didn't really have anywhere to shop.   All of my friends shopped at Miss Selfridge, Topshop or Tammy Girl (remember them?) and I simply just didn't fit in any of the clothes in store, this meant that shopping trips were not fun at all for me.  My shopping consisted of going out with mum to the frumpy shops like BHS and C&A (I'm really showing my age now) because they were the only places that did any sizes I could fit into.

I wanted the same fashion choices that my friends had, to wear the trends and feel cool, but my options were the same oversized tops and cable knit cardigans designed for my Nana!
I settled for the sports tops, polo shirts and jeans that covered my lumpy, bumpy body,  trying to aim for branded gear that would make me appear vaguely trendy with my friends.
I looked at the photo and felt empathy for teenage me, from the past that stared sadly back at me.

When I started blogging 5 years ago, I still really had no idea what I was doing with my wardrobe.  I was stuck in a fashion rut, except this time I'd swapped my oversized polo tops for leggings and swing dresses.  I literally would wear them daily, I hardly ever ventured outside of my comfort zone. But then I discovered the plus size community online - plus size bloggers and plus size fashion brands like yourself and wow.... I was truly inspired.
You made me look at things differently, opened my eyes to trends, to different styles and prints, and you gave me options.  I looked up to the bloggers you featured on your pages and in turn they made me believe that I could look amazing too... I tried on a new pair of jeans for the first time in years, and fell in love with them again - all because I now had the confidence to try new things.  

Fast forward 5 years to the present day and oh my, how things have changed.  My outlook is completely different, I'm completely in love with clothes and my wardrobe is bursting at the seams!  I'm fashion aware, have oodles of confidence and love seeking out new trends to try.  I started my own fashion blog and started to share my love with others, being told I inspire others in turn.  Me, inspire others.... WOW.

It's funny how you change as a person over the years, evolve, I truly believe that my confidence and sense of style over these past few years has been mainly down to blogging, the plus size community and  amazing brands like you, Yours.

I have been able to transform myself from the lost 15 year old girl stuck in baggy tops to a strong, confident and fashionable woman.  I've found my fashion groove and my confidence to boot, I have changed not just my outer shell but also the way I feel about myself.  I am surrounded by a wonderful community full of fierce, strong women (some of whom have become my best friends) and they inspire me every single day. 

They make me LOVE the person that stares back at me in the mirror.

Brands like you, that really do give back,  truly means so much - you embrace the community and feature women of all shapes and sizes, run campaigns to be diverse and size inclusive... One of which I was thrilled to be a part of this year as one of your #faceofyours girls (which by the way, you should totally open that up to men too)!  

You make trends happen for us and make them affordable, and more importantly you OPEN STORES.
To me, this is huge.
You see the importance of being able to actually go shopping on the high street instead of just online regardless of the number on your size label, and the teenage girl inside of me thanks you SO MUCH for this!

I look at myself now and I'm now longer sad, instead I'm proud. Proud of who I am, who I've become and of the reflection that looks back at me and that I can help others and inspire them to also love the shell that they are in.

I'm passionate about clothes, trends and making people feel good about themselves, and boy... it feels amazing.  
So, thank you for inspiring plus size men and women on a daily basis, for actually listening to us, giving us opportunities and making the fashion affordable and accessable for a variety of ages.

and lastly, thank you from that 15 year old girl that stared back at me in the photo who used to stand at the back of the class,  except now... now she's standing at the front, smiling.

Love Mrs M xxxx

If you've liked this post and want to hear more, check out my YouTube channel  where I've also talked about how clothing has played a big part in my confidence in this weeks Tea With E! 

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  1. What an amazing post, you are amazing and you have helped and inspired so many people including me, I wear things and try things I wouldn't have done before because of you, you're not only my best friend you're someone I look up to and look to not only for advice on personal issues but for style ideas and inspiration too, you should feel proud, I for one am very proud of you and the amazing, confident person you have become, you are beautiful inside and out xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  2. I watched your video yesterday and now, reading this, it brings back some sad time, but more than anything makes me so grateful for the choices we have now, and more importantly, the freedom young girls have now, to choose stylish clothes and express themselves fully. I thought you might get a kick out of the advertisements in this link. When I was an adolescent in the 70's, this is what we had to choose from. Luckily I had a mother who sewed some beautiful clothes for me, but it was still painful to go shopping with my peers, especially when we lived in Germany and the pickings at the Post Exchange on the Army Post were slim to none for normal sized girls, so really nothing for me. Keep up the good work, Em! xoxo Meg (from The Two Wine Women)

  3. Fantastic post!!
    Still to watch the video, but the 15yr old you is the same as me at that age, I think I possibly had that top too! However I don't think I've come on far as you, I still avoid cameras, still the one that doesn't fit in but I'm me :)
    I'd love to go shopping with someone like you to help me change my style

  4. I completely get where you are coming from with your post. I feel the same, I have always been the biggest one of my friends and always felt like i wore the frumpy clothes while i felt my friends look trendy and also looked bette than me. But i have changed the way i shop for clothes now and it is all down to you and the other plus size people i watch on youtube, thank you xx


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