Behind The Scenes at Salisbury Playhouse

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Last weekend we ventured to Salisbury Playhouse to their behind the scenes open day.

A day when the theatre open the doors to the public to find out about what goes on behind the scenes from stage design, to props, to costumes etc.. 
All the things that you don't see and all the hard work that is involved in creating a show.

There were hourly tours taking you through the entire theatre, starting in the workshop
where they tell you how they design the sets with small scale models and how they build a set depending on the requirements of show and if its touring then sets need to be able to be portable and measurements down to tee.

They even showed us how they make props out of anything, this brick is made from polyestyrene.

The best part of the tour for me was the costume department, sooo many clothes, shiny things, fabric, sparkles, hair pieces, element.

I particularly enjoyed the  costume designers talk where they told us about what is involved in creating costumes for certain shows, how certain elements can cause issues, how on some shows part of the daily routine can be sewing on sleeves or buttons just so they can be ripped off again later on in the day and how in some shows you have to have several of the same thing esp if there are more than one show in a day

Also, side note the changing rooms at the theatre are really big.

After the tour we were treated some songs from the latest production  the theatre was hosting, 
Living Spits 'Frankenstein' a duo who's show is a parody and who's songs were really funny.

Huge Thanks to Salisbury Playhouse for putting on this really interesting tour, we will be back for the next one that's for sure.

To find out more about the playhouse you can visit their website on:

Mrs M xxxx

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