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Friday, February 19, 2016

Soooo its finally nearly here, the River Island Plus Collection.

A lot of us have been waiting to see what this collection had in store, myself included.

They have released some pictures and I have to say I am impressed with a fair few of the items.
I mean its not a plethora of choice yet and its not going to to everyone's taste, but there is some variation of styles mixing plains and prints to suit tastes.
I quite like the pieces but that's down to personal choice.

The only downside is that the collection stops at a size 24 which I know will disappoint, also there is no mention of a short or tall selection so it seems very generic at the moment.

I guess they are just testing the water. I would love to see a whole section dedicated in stores in the future with a vast selection of choice for all, but for now I am looking forward to trying a few of the items and seeing their cut and fit.

Below are a some of my absolutes favourites, esp THE BLOUSE, that is right up my street, I also love the summer dress, I am already envisioning picnics in the park in that one.

What are you thoughts on the collection?
It hits stores on March 9th.


Mrs M xxx

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  1. I'm not a plus size myself but I absolutely love this collection! It's about time more high street brands became aware that there is a gap in the market. I loooove that summer dress also. Can imagine walking the strip in Vegas with it!


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