Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Day Two of my NYC Outfits was this cosy number.

I actually bought this wrap on the first day of our trip from Nordstrum Rack - Its a bit like TK Maxx, I initially spied the store on the walk to Carrie's Stoop and wanted to see if they had any of the Melissa McCarthy's range, alas they didn't but I saw this instead and had to have it.

I'm not usually one for Chevron, thats usually a Khila speciality but something drew me to this.
I think its the colours, black - goes with everything and the fawn, well I know that would go with the bobble hat I'd brought with me.

It was super cosy and just right for the unusually warm weather New York have been experiencing,  I swear I didn't wear a big coat in the daytime once it was so warm. 

The snow was still ever present though from the week before's blizzards, it was so pretty to see.

I managed to find the link to a darker version of this wrap, I will leave that link below.


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I couldn't resist our Central Park Kiss Pic.... Awwwwww .......


Mrs M xxxx

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