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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Its 3am and I can't sleep, for some reason my body has decided to go insomniac on me and so I have been surfing the www for the past hour, looking at pretty dresses and reading articles.

I stumbled across an article that has been on the news this week about essenaoneill who was a hugely popular instagram model who has decided to speak out and say why she has quit social media and voice her opinions on why social media is damaging for young people by way of re-editing her photo's with its true caption.

I have spent the last half hour or so reading the captions and felt really compelled to write a post.

A topical post... whoa there nelly, this is something I hardly ever do as if you read my blog you'll know it is usually a very plinky plonky sprinkling of bits and bobs, a tra la la happy place of me usually showing you some fashion or another, after all I'm just a bigger girl that likes to wear nice clothes and show them off.

So why have I felt compelled to actually write about this?
 I'm not sure, maybe its cause I can kinda see her point on a few her 're-edits'

Well, we've all been there and gone Kim K crazy with the selfies and took so many that our phone is full just to get that 'one'  shot that shows our face at its best, its symmetrical, yet pretty, the make up is on point, there's no sign of a double chin, great... now lets spend the next 10 mins trying to find  a more 'flattering' filter. 
It's common place in the selfie world we live in today. That I can agree with.

                                                                         Before Filter

                                                                                                    After Filter...ahhhh thats better

The others not so much, the shots that show her trying to get the right photo of her flat stomach by hardly eating that day and ones where she opens her legs apart to acheive the 'thigh gap' those 're-edits' I can totally understand how they can be damaging to impressionable young people so easily influenced in society today and why she felt the need to voice her opinion on these, esp as in a lot of them she is only young herself, only 15 years old.

I guess her edits go hand in hand with peoples ideology of perfection of their so called pristine online lives showing you their edited version of perfection in all aspects, body, home, lifestyle, career, holidays... its the 'Oh look how amazing my life is' approach.

(I actually did a video about Online Perfection with Khila over on Style On Toast that you can watch below)

Ulimatley if you think about it, a lot of social media  can be a pressure about striving to be noticed, striving to be perfect or the social media version of perfect (whatever that is)

While is some ways I can totally resinate with the fact that certain aspects can be damaging I also believe that social media is one the greatest tools of life today and its how YOU choose to view it and use should be all you need to worry about.

Maybe its an age thing with me, I don't take anything personally on social media anymore, I used to, but now its water off a ducks back.

I use social media the way I WANT TO. I play my own rules, not societies. I don't conform to being perfect I never have, yeah of course there will be shots of me with a shit load of filters on sometimes, but hey its only cause it makes my skin look nicer, I don't actually want to live my life in X-Pro II filter.

When you strip it all back social media to me is a way of interacting with people, documenting things, creating memories, just being human. 
You have seen my not so perfect life, you have seen me on my vlogs with the most god awful bed head, no make up, a messy house, hell you've even seen me cry several times - what can I say I'm an emotional person. 
There is no agenda with me, what you see is what you get.

For me social media has been a blessing in the past few years. 
I started my blog nearly 3 years ago now as a little hobby, Chris was working nights over Christmas I was a bit lonely in the evenings and I wanted a hobby and thought, I know I'll start a blog... I waffled about nail varnish for a bit and my latest bargains I got in the January sales and then I discovered plus size fashion blogs which opened my eyes a hell of a lot.... 
Women my size wearing amazing outfits..... yes please I'll have some of that.
and so I started blogging about fashion.

Brands took notice through social media, I was interacting with like minded people, making friends, going to events.

 Working with the brands that noticed me on social media in the first place

And most importantly gaining confidence in my skin and feeling proud about myself.

Then I started my You Tube Channel and started to vlog, this for me is the best part of social media, it is the 3D version of this blog, I can take you along on some amazing adventures I have, but you can also see me do the mundane stuff like peeling potatoes, its random and its amazing of you ask me.

I have met some of the most wonderful, inspiring, passionate people through social media some of which I'm proud to call best friends whom I would never have met and a couple I am yet to meet if it wasn't for my laptop and my phone.

And so, as much as there is a dark side to social media there is also a pretty darn amazing side and its how YOU use it that matters. Nobody is perfect, just be YOU and let the rest of the world worry about themselves.

Mrs M xxxx

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  1. Such a well balanced and well written piece.

  2. Lovely this is very inspiring. Also I think your pic before the filter is much better and brighter :) x x


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