Marisota Shapeology Fashion Week | #MSFW | Layering

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

This week Marisota has been hosting a "Shapeology Fashion Week'

Each day there is a different trend, they include 

Boho, Brands, Layering and Occasionwear.

The lovely guys over at Marisota asked if I would like to be 
involved and the trend I chose  to showcase was 


At this time of year layering in essential, you know what its like, we are all going through the same dilemma

'arggh I just don't know what to wear' 

 One min its muggy, then its sunny then its raining, the layering option is the only perfect option in my eyes.

Also Autumn is coming, you all know I LOVE Autumn its my favourite season. 
Crisp leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and cosy walks in park which also means layering up. 
This not only keeps you warm but also makes an outfit look more interesting.

The pieces I'm layering today are:

(which for a wide calfed lady I must say 
these have amazing give in them)

I just love this look, its perfect for my autumnal walks around 
Stourhead (one of my favourite places - google it, its stunning)

To accompany Marisota Shapeology Fashion Week or #MSFW for short Marisota have filmed videos to accompany each trend. 
You can find the playlist HERE

For those of you interested in just the layering video to go with my look you can find that below, showing some great looks and options.

Which trend are you most suited to?

Thanks to Marisota for asking me to be involved in #MSFW make sure you go and check them out.


Mrs M xxxx

*items kindly sent for review, opinions are my own

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