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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Everytime I use this I think of Roxette - am I showing my age!!? Anyone get my reference?

For those of you follow my blog and vlogs you will know I'm rarely one for perfect hair, I'm a rough dry, wash and go girl, always messy, frequently frizzy esp with the humidity we've had.

When it comes to hair products I usually opt for a mousse that I tend to use when I dry my hair but that can leave my hair with a crispy feel so when I heard about the 
Bedhead Texurizing Powder Balm I was keen to try it.

The formula is a gel  like consistancy but not greasy or heavy and it smells gorgeous.
I found I only needed a small amount even though my hair is very thick, so I'd say this tube will last you a good while.

But when rubbed through your hair it somehow turns into a 
powder formula 
(science baffles me - but I LIKE it)

I used it on dry hair as I'm trying not to wash my hair everyday to give it a bit of a break and so I was keen to see if it left any kind residue or made my hair greasy.

It actually made my hair feel extremely textured and soft to touch, not greasy or crispy - Wahoo!!

I can't say how this will fare on damp hair as I still need to test that out, but on one day old hair it works fine ;)

I found it gave my hair a more sleek, edgy yet styled look. 
You wouldn't even know I have product in my hair.   

By the way I'm not naked in these shots I'd come out the shower, so I have a towel wrapped around my modesty ;)

You can find the Bed Head Joyride Texturizing Balm HERE

By the way if you didn't get my Roxette reference then the video is below... your welcome ;)
Everybody now... Na na na na na na na na na 

Love Mrs M

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