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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Firstly apologies for being a bit lack lustre on here, but the blog has taken more of a sideline lately, I've been vlogging everyday over on my You Tube and so that has taken precedence and in the evening I mostly spend editing, so bear with me but I'll be posting more regularly soon.

Anyhoo, onto todays post, these £1 nails from Primark!

I have often looked at the packets in the store but usually I just glance and never pick up.
Last week I decided to give them a try, for a quid they weren't going to break the bank. 
I purchased a nude set and loved them, yeah a few pinged off a couple of days in but nothing major  and easily glued back on, and the glue I found isn't really damaging to the nails, not like how gel nails would absolutely ruin your nailbed, the glue on these is softer. 
And so I went back to Primark the other day to try the french manicure set.

I've been contemplating getting proper gel nails done and so these seem like the cheaper interim alternative while I make up my mind.

For £1 I have to say they are impressive, even if you didn't plan on wearing them everyday they are totally wearable for say a night out, a wedding etc etc...

I have started wearing them this week to see how I get on with them and see if I like them more than the nude colour ones, so far so good, typing isn't an issue they're not that long which is good, my only criticism with these is the colour.

The fleshy tone isn't quite right, its too peachy in my opinion, what do you think?

Overall if you asked me are they good for money?  I'd say Yes
Would I purchase again? Yes but maybe in other colours as the the tones on these french ones is slightly off in my opinion.

Have you tried Primark Nails?


Mrs M xxx

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  1. How do you find the sizing? Everytime I buy nails I find it really hard to fit my nails properly, I must have tiny nail beds :s ?
    Agree that the tone is slightly off but it's not really bad. They look impressive for £1,
    Gillian  xx  EyelinerFlicks

  2. You have convinced me to get some! I bought the French and the ones with hibiscus on them, very excited to try!
    Love the vlogging, there's no way I could be arsed to do it everyday and it still be interesting! Happy belated birthday! X

  3. Whoa! A beauty post from you is extremely rare, you need to do more


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