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Monday, August 31, 2015

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that Curvissa have a regular Five Way Review they do, where Five bloggers review a certain item or trend.

They kindly asked me to review something that everyone is always on the hunt for during Autumn and Winter - BOOTS!!

These are the wide calf leather boots and I picked these for a couple of reasons.

a) I loved the brown colour, always relevant for Autumn/Winter and a staple colour to have  
b) I really wanted to see how the wide calf style fared. 

I always struggle when it comes to boots as I have really large calfs, teeny ankles and large calfs...go figure!!!

In three words.... no wait four words.... I LOVE THESE BOOTS
If I had to star rate, it would be five stars

They are so comfortable, the give in them is brilliant and the stretch textile moulded really well around my calfs. 
You would think the stretch material may look odd but no I actually think they add to the style and make them look that bit different.

The buckle around the calf is fastened by velcro so it expands nicely if required

I really can't get over how comfy these boots are, especially as they are heeled. 

The heel is 2 inches and on first wear I walked a lot around the Welsh Town of Pembroke and all around the docks as you can see below and my feet were fine, not a blister in sight.

In summary, would I recommend these boots ....... ?
YES, YES and YES again. 
The price tag is a little steep but the quality is good and for comfort it would be a price I would gladly pay. 
These are gong to be worn like mad this Autumn/Winter.

Thanks to Curvissa for asking met take part in this, others taking part are below so make sure you go and check them out.

Also just to let you know Curvissa are one of the brands nominated for Best Footwear Retailer at The Britsh Plus Size Awards
So make sure you give them a little vote ;) 


Mrs M xxxx

*boots kindly sent for review, view are my own

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  1. Love that bag! The boots look great on you and I love the little heel. Nothing too big means that you can easily wear them all day x

    1. Thanks honey, I know the bag is lush, theres's a post coming on that soon :)
      Yeh the heel is cute and comfy - heels and comfy usually don't go together with me but so pleased I found a combo that works and look fab xx


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