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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending Style XL in Birmingham.

Style XL is in its 2nd year and is the brainchild of Leah Shafik, who created the event last year as a celebration of plus size,  fashion, body positivity and confidence. 

If there's one thing I love, its a Plus Size Gathering, a place of positivity and feel goodness, a place where from the moment you walk in you feel at ease and you are greeted with LOTS and I mean lots of HUGS. Hugs are the best!!! As much as I LOVE fashion, I think the main element of events like this is the social aspect, you get to hang out with AMAZING people, people you chat to on a daily basis as well as meeting new lovely likeminded fashion lovers.

The day started at Midday and finished at 5pm and I can honestly say the time went whoooooosh.

Highlights of the day for me were....

Hanging out with these babes, Kim, Charl & Claire

Spending time with my Tall Twinnie

and seeing the gorgeous Laura again.

Checking out the awesome Catwalks full of vibrant and amazing fashion.
How fierce does Sam look in this? She rocked every catwalk. 

Seeing the gorgeous Rosie's collection and watching it spring to life on the catwalk.

Watching in amazement the retro creativeness of Pin Up Parlour
I mean just look at Becky's hair, va va vooom.

Trying on some amazing new pieces from 
Apples & Pears Clothing  where you can get this amazing kimono made to measure.

(yep I bought it)

Catching up with some of my favourite brands

Where I fell in love with this gorgeous Portia Sapphire Amber set.

Where I discovered I NEED this oversized shirt dress for Autumn/Winter

 I actually entered their Twitter competition to select something you love on the day and win it and I only went and won this gorgeous bag!! *Fistpump*

Where I bought this gorgeous prom dress in the sale - I'm in LOVE

You know I heart these guys a lot and when they bring fun like this its hard not to smile, this shot has to be my favourite of the day it epitomises mine and Kim's friendship to a tee, little and large!!! 

I have to say my most favourite part of the day though was watching my little bro model for Jacamo, I think the mens catwalk got the most cheers, all the lads did amazingly well, big up to Phil, Tom, Ricard and of course my Bro, I was amazingly proud of him, it was quite a moment for me watching one of my own beam up there and be fun on the catwalk.  
It's whats its all about isn't it. FUN!!

 Well Done Lads!!!

 It was a fantastic day and I'm gutted I couldn't stay for the evening pageant, but family time and the call of pasta was too much of a pull.... ;)

BIG THANKS to Leah for organising such a wonderful event, sadly Style XL won't be on next year I am told, but the website will still be up and running so go ahead and check it out for your latest 

You can check out some more of my antics at Style XL over on my weekend vlog, linked below.


Mrs M xxx

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