Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Last Night I posted this pic!!! 
Yep I showed me tatties over the interweb but all for a good cause the #boobsoverbellybuttons cause.

I don't know if you are aware of the vile Belly Button Challenge - even just me typing it I feel I'm promoting it - yuk, basically it is a challenge to see if you can reach your hands round your body to touch your belly button. Basically body shaming..... 
Anyway lets not give that anymore of my time..... 

The fabulous guys at Curvy Kate decided to turn this body negativity challenge into something more influential, instead of breeding something so negative they want to promote awareness for campaigns that are much more important  and life saving instead of seeing if you can reach round to your soddin' belly button.

And thats where #BoobsOverBellyButtons was born, don't you think its more more important to raise Breast Cancer Awareness? To be aware of your boobs, knowing how to check them, knowing what to look for....? Yes!!!!? 

So please ladies, and men coppa feel of your boobs, familiarise yourself, know your body.

I challenge you to look after your life instead of taking part silly juvenile body shaming challenges.

Mrs M xxxx

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