Dinner With Yours Clothing & Tess Holliday

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

This time last week I was sipping champagne, tucking into a delicious 3 course dinner and chatting to Tess Holliday with Yours Clothing and some fellow gorgeous blogger buddies. 
Wow that week went fast.

When the email pinged into my inbox several weeks ago I was brimming with excitement, as you know I love Yours Clothing and I love Tess Holliday.

Off I scooted to London in my new yellow heels and matching bag to South Place Hotel to be treated to an evening of laughs, good conversation, catch ups and the chance to spend time with Tess.

We were residing for the evening in the kuryakin room which was a beautifully decorated intimate red room, we kept calling it the red room of pain a la Fifty Shades. 
Before dinner we were able to peruse the collection that Tess had modelled the day before and view some of the promo pictures. 

They have some  awesome pieces in their Tess Collection here are a few of my particular favourites including the white denim jacket of my dreams which I LOVE, I'm told it will be available end of May.

Playsuit - Available Soon
Offttt. that jacket again ;)

Dinner was gorgeous. 
I had Pate to start, Beef Wellington for Main and Summer Cheesecake for dessert - delicious

Topped off with lots of table banter and fun with the gorgeous Jacqs from Yours sporting Tess' sequin turban. 
Suits her don't you think? 
I have to say the service at the hotel was amazing, I don't think my glass was ever empty 
(you could tell by my muzzy head the next day - ha)

We had such a lovely evening and I even got to interview the lovely Tess for a few mins for my You Tube Channel, if you haven't seen the video I will put it below.

After a pletherer of selfies with the girls and Tess, of which Tess reigned supreme it was time to go..... sad face.
Me & Betty 
Me & Rosie
Me & Tess, she's totally kicking my ass at selfies

And so, my chariot had arrived, my Chris, he really is the best hubby ever so supportive of anything I do and he drove all the way to London to come get me, bless him, he's a keeper - talking of hubby's I'm sure myself and Betty chatted for a good half an hour about our love for our men.... their ears must of been burning.

I ended up getting to bed at 3am and up again at 6am for work, but it was totally worth it after a wonderful evening.

Big Thanks to Yours Clothing, make sure you go and check out the Tess Holliday collection, it has some fab key pieces for spring/summer. 


Mrs M xxxx

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