What Em Wore - The Weekend Edit #1

Sunday, March 01, 2015

I'm so glad you understand how hard its been blogging my outfits everyday and how weekend 'live' outfit posts are much better suited to me. 
Blogging to me is just my hobby, I work full time, run a house and have other bits and bobs going on and sometimes blogging everyday can be hard, esp as I've been poorly, I have been rocking up at work pretty much thrown together with hardly any make up, and disheveled hair hardly the image I want to convey and so this weekend 'edit' is so much better.

That being said, its only 5pm on a Sunday and I'm already in my PJ's and I haven't done my make up today. 

But I will show you my outfit from yesterday, its very plain and simple, not a flower in sight, wuuuuuut!!! lol.

I loved it!!

*What Em Wore*

Black Tee - Old
Jeggings - Yours Clothing
Boots - Clarks
Scarf - Primark

See you guys next weekend for another 
What Em Wore

Have a Great Week

Mrs M xxxx

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