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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

If you don't know, I also have a collab You Tube channel with 
Miss Budget Beauty called Style On Toast, its a mix of everything from fashion, to food to crafts. 

We have a series called Em & Khi Try. 
The beauty of it being so vague is, it gives us the freedom to try almost anything.

This time on Em & Khi Try we are reviewing Bubba Gump the famous shrimp restaurant in Leicester Square.

A couple of Saturday's ago myself, Chris, Khila and Lee headed to London to have a pre-vegas meet up and do a bit of general sightseeing and we were very kindly invited to 
Bubba Gump for lunch.

Khila and Lee have been to the Bubba Gump in New York and were really excited for us to try it.

The American based restaurant is based on the film Forrest Gump and is filled with movie nostalgia.
The London restaurant is the only one we have in the UK, all the more reason to go.

I've never been a massive seafood lover but I was assured that even though the majority of the menu does contain seafood there were also plenty of options I could enjoy like Chicken, Burgers and Salads .


The Starters we we all decided to share between us and we opted for:

Mama Gump's Garlic Bread Basket
Run Across America Sampler
Shrimp Shack Mac & Cheese

The sampler was great as it had a bit of everything but we weren't quite sold on the Bubba's Far Out Dip it was warm which we were told it was meant to be, but we think it would of been better cold or maybe as a plain coleslaw
What did surprise us all was The Shrimp Shack Mac and Cheese OH MY GOD it was delicious that was very quickly devoured and I will definitely been having that in Las Vegas.


Khila was the only one that went for a Seafood Option as she loves it and she went for the 
'I'm Stuffed' Shrimp.
I however being the wimp opted for the Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich which came with a large portion of fries, this did not disappoint in taste or in portion size, I actually had to get half of it boxed up to take away.
The boys opted for Burgers and they came in a brioche bun and they really enjoyed them.


Due to being so stuffed from starters and main courses we decided to share puddings and all of us went for the Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae it was a gooey chocolatey warm cookie accompanied with ice cream and cream that just melted in your mouth, so so tasty.


Bubba Gump not only surpassed themselves in the food dept they also have a great selection of cocktails.
I opted for the Bubbas Blue Hawaiian and Khila had the Alabama Southern Punch
The boys went for Mama's Mango Mojitos and all were delicious.

We were also told that if you have one of the Frozen Lemon Ups you get to take the light up glass home for free.
Amazing right? 
Although if you did want something to take away with you the gift store downstairs had plenty of merchandise - they had the cutest little baby grows that buy for my friend when we go back... 
as we WILL be going back.

In terms of the service it was second to none, on the tables they had tin plaques that had 'Run Forrest Run' and 'Stop Forrest Here' on them. 
The idea is, if you need assistance then turn the plaque to 
'Stop Forrest Here' and it signals to the waiter and waitresses that you need their assistance, if you want to be left alone to eat your meal the turn it to 'Run Forrest Run'.... 
I really like this concept as sometimes when you're eating you don't want to be mithered.

That being said, our waitress Marina was a superstar and so helpful and full of facts, even giving us a quiz on Forrest Gump which I like to think we aced!!!! ;) 
The table next to us had kids and the waitress gave them a 
Frozen Quiz, it was something quirky and fun, kinda reminiscent of TGI Fridays.

We had an amazing time at Bubba Gump and I can't wait to go to the one in Vegas.
I may even be a bit braver and actually order some seafood.

If you want to see our video review then you can find the video below.

Big Thanks to Bubba Gump for having us
It will most certainly be my restaurant of choice next time I'm in London.

Mrs M xxxx

*we were kindly gifted our meals, all thoughts and reviews are my own

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  1. I completely loved the movie and have always wanted to try the shrimp! It looks like the portions of food are outrageous, which is something that you usually think about when you go to a seafood restaurant. I enjoy looking at all of the options of food that you had and must visit soon.


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